Ascendant sues the Intag Paper

By , September 28, 2004

Mary Ellen, editor of the Intag paper called today to inform me that the Intag paper is being sued for libel by our friends at Ascendant Exploration. Libel in this country carries a jail sentence.

The paper has printed many stories, all based on facts, on the struggle against mining and on the manouvers undertaken by the company to get people and communities

to support the mining project. I am convinced the paper’s reporting has played a key part in turning the tide against the mining project in Intag and, more importantly, of keeping people informed on what is really going on.

If you want to send letters of support, please do so to:

Mary Ellen Fieweger, Editor,

Periódico INTAG

E mail address: Mary Ellen at

Please help to keep the paper going.


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