Ascendant Sues Local Anti-Mining Paper

By , January 5, 2005

Hello Everyone,

I hope all of you had some relaxing time during these tough, heart-breaking holidays.

Here, Ascendant has not let up, and now we are facing a new criminal suit brought against the local anti-mining paper demanding one million dollars for libel! Polibio Perez, the local community activist, is trying to defend himself against a similar suit, but backed by hundreds of signatures gathered illegally by Ascendant. We also hear that the mining company will be secretly funding another newspaper to counter the Intag paper, and rumors are flying that this is the month Ascendant will forcefully invade Junin’s community reserve (where most of the concession is located).

In the midst of all this, strengthening the international campaign is essential. One of the strongest weapons we have right now for the campaign is our Mayor’s adamant rejection of mining, which we hope you help us get posted on as many web pages as possible. Please read his letter: English Version | En Español.


Our best wishes for a joyful 2005.



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