Miners Attack Us

By , April 27, 2005

Resolutions taken against our Mayor, local organizations, and foreigners here in Intag on April 23rd. Seeing is believing, but this is just too much to believe: CODEGAM Resolutions

Needles to say, not a single president from communities near to the mining area signed the resolution, and only one of 7 parish presidents did so. We have reports that the miners brought people from Pichincha, a province adjacent to Imbabura, and from communities very far away from the mining area. In other words, the resistance continues almost unchanged.

It would be good for you all to organize a protest letter to Ascendant, who are the ones really behind all this nasty, and incresingly dangerous campaign aimed at neutralizing the opposition. The xenophobic tone is scary. A letter in support of the Mayor, DECOIN and the people being attacked would also be very positive.



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