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13 july 2006


Yesterday, approximately 400 men, women and children came from Intag to Cotacachi and later to Quito to march against the Junin mining project. After the march in Cotacachi the people got on buses and came to Quito’s beautiful San Franscisco Plaza, within earshot of the presidential palace. There was music, dancing and speeches to celebrate the solidarity and firm opposition to the mining project.

Today, several hundred more people are expected to join the demostrators to peacefully march in front of the Ministry of Energy and Mines and other institutions and demand the government cancel the mining concessions and force Ascendant to leave Intag.

Cotacachi’s Mayor, along with other councilmembers gave a insipiring anti-mining speech, saying he will always be opposed to mining. Several Parish government presidents are also participating in the march to show their solidarity with the position of most of the Intag area.

Look for photos of the march on our site.

New Troubles in Junin.
Along with the good news, there’s disturbing reports of new intimidations by what appears to be paramilitary personnel in the Intag area. The International Observers denouned the presence of armed men in motorcyles intimidating Polibio Perez and other community leaders, some of them pretending to be part of the military. The affected persons are in the process of presenting a formal denounciation to the nation’s Ombudsman. We’ll update you on this in the next few days, but for the report, please request a report at



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