By , July 13, 2012

This Bloomberg news just published confirms that CODELCO, jointly with the state-owned mining company, will try to exploit the copper at Junin.  While we were expecting the news, to have it confirmed puts it in another scale of certainty.

Seeing as how the communities were not been consulted over the possibility of starting up mining again in these hills and valleys, and therefore violating fundamental Constitutional rights, there cannot but be confrontations with the local communities.  The communities have a Constitutional right to resist, and I have little doubt that they will use it.

Anyway, the Bloomberg news has some impressive bits of misinformation, such as claiming that Ascendant Copper explored the area.  Some memorable exaggerations on Ecuador’s mining potential by the head of Ecuador’s chamber of mining rounds up the mediocre news release, which, needless to say, did not try to get the position of people here on the ground….

See for yourself:



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