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By , January 12, 2010


Rainforest Concern was established in 1993 to protect
the world’s tropical rainforests and the incredible biodiversity
they contain, together with the indigenous people who
depend on them for their survival. The organization has
projects throughout the world, including Ecuador, Costa
Rica, Panama,
Sri Lanka and Brazil, as well as a project they are assisting
in Zambia.


Intag now available online in English.

The Sloth Club
The Sloth Club is one of the organizations that has continually supported
DECOIN and the alternative initiatives taking place in Intag. It is a
Japanese based organization created to, among other things, making people
aware of
the negative effects of a harried-consumer based lifestyle.  They are
in favor of taking the time to do things right, and, in general, slow
down.  They
take the Sloth as their “model animal”, a mammal whose environmental impact
is minimal, and lifestyle is in total harmony with its environment. Check
out their web site for more information:

Conservation Links

A reviewed Forest Conservation search space —
browse by category, or search the entire content of
the best scientific & advocacy forest conservation resources
on the Internet.


The Sierra Club’s grassroots advocacy has made it America’s
most influential environmental organization. Founded in 1892,
we are now more than 650,000 members strong. Visit the Sierra
Clubs Take
campaign page and send an email or fax. Your legislators
actually do count every email.

Assets – Working for Change

— Make your voice heard on issues you care about.
Each month’s phone bill highlights two crucial National issues
under debate, explaining what’s at stake and whom to contact
to voice your opinion.
Activist Network
— A lot of what goes down in Washington
happens so fast that most citizens are effectively locked
out of the decision-making process. FAN is a network for concerned
citizens who influence key issues as they unfold.

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    a Facebook presents might bring in many volunteers. maybe someone can open a Facebook page dedicated to the volunteers that need to be found and the ones who have done volunteer work can leave messages of others to think about and have a wonderful fulfilling adventure while being a volunteer and giving back to the earth and Ecuadors rain forest

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